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Everyone knows that a lion is known as the “King of the Jungle.” But few people know the characteristics that give  a lion that distinction:

  • Lions are brave. They face their enemy head on and don’t stop until their enemy is conquered. 

  • Lions are protective. They protect their young, their territory and themselves. They don’t pick fights, but are will go to battle when necessary. 

  • Lions are courageous.  They show great courage during conflict. They are willing to fight to protect what’s theirs. 


And when a lion roars, his message is unmistakable. 


At Roaring Lion Publishers, we know it takes great courage and strength to put your project out into the world. We’ll fight until you get the finished product that’s right for you. But the best books are the ones that take great bravery to make their message heard. Because if they do, they know their message may change lives—and ultimately the world—for the better. 

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